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Filling of application form:

Filling of application will take 15 to 20 minutes, Please have your supporting documents ready to attach before submitting your application?

How to fill the application

  •  Find the course/s that you wish to apply and check the entry requirements

  •  Prepare certified copies of supporting documents as shown on application form.

 List of supporting documents:

  •   Certified copies of Qualifications and Academic Certificates

  •  Certified copies of transcripts (including Australian Year 11 and/or 12 equivalent or higher)

  •  Relevant documents for RPL/Credit Transfer (if any) Evidence of English Language Proficiency

  •  Evidence of enrolment in an approved ELICOS course (if applicable)

  •  Copy of the personal details page of your Passport

  •  Copy of your current CoE from another provider (if applicable) Copy of your valid Australian Visa (if any)

  •  Copy of your valid OSHC (if applicable)

  •  Passport copies of family member applying for OSHC (if applicable)

  •  CV stating considerable experience and reference letters (if applicable)

  •  Proof of scholarship details (if any)

  •  Proof of medical conditions and special learning needs (if applicable)

Download the application here

After completing the application please send to Email- with all certified
copies of supporting documents

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