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COVID-19 Response Plan

An important consideration for our dedication to running a safe education program is to plan for running a COVID-Safe program in line with the DHHS, Business Victoria and Safe Work Australiaguidelines.We have completed a detailed COVID-19 safety policy. This includes:

•Visitor registration

•QR scanning

•Adhering to 1 person per 2 sqm density requirements

•1.5m social distancing

•Sanitisation stations at reception and in classroom

•Regular cleaning

•Communicating the requirement for students not to attend if they have any symptoms

•Implementing the use of face masks at any time that this advice is given

•Operational flexibility to quickly pivot to digital classes via Google Classroom should any future COVID lockdowns notallow for physical presence

•Cookery courses are also flexible to deliver only the theory component via Google Classroom in the event of lockdown, and the practical component at a later date, has allowed a reasonable budget for implementation of these COVID safety measures in the 22/23Financial Year. Should the event of an extended lockdown preventing classed from going ahead.

We will update this page according to the information provided by the government 

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